Spirit Horse Foundation - a return to story, ritual and community for a flowering earth A return to story, ritual and community for a flowering earth.
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Gatherings, Courses, Intensives and Adventures in wildest Wales and Ireland.

You are not who you think you are, listen to the Music of What Is in the Self Revealing Moment.

We invite you to sit by our fire in the ancient way.

The sacred lodges and roundhouses of our village, shelter in the wooded gorges where a waterfall, mountain, valley and people
are returning to their original face and song.
The Spirit Horse Camp

The Mountain Retreat One Thousand Welcomes...

Please browse around our humble pages, which give a small glimpse into the treasures we offer, but to get a true sense you need to experience Spirit Horse yourself!

Please take a look at the Calendar for details of our latest events.
For an easy way in- try our annual gathering "The Cauldron of Plenty" over the August Bank Holiday, where there is something for everyone, whatever your age. If you fancy diving in at the deep end then try our annual ceremonial retreat "Sacred Man:Sacred Woman". If you want to go even deeper then try an Enlightenment Intensive. Children and families are more than welcome at The Cauldron of Plenty. We also run a Children's Wilderness Camps aimed at 8 to 18 year olds.

We look forward to seeing your faces!
Please book early!

If you would like to get more involved and support us in our work, then please click here and read on....

Welsh speakers are especially welcome at all of our events.

Spirit Horse is committed to promoting Welsh language. In particular to honour the rich heritage of Welsh story and poetry in both languages.

Mae Spirit Horse yn awyddus i gefnogi'r iaith Gymraeg yn eu digwyddiadiau, ac yn arbennig i barchu'r traddodiad cyfoethog o straeon, chwedlau, cãn a barddoniaeth yng Nghymru.

fod Spirit Horse Foundation supports The Forest Of Dreams, a charity setup to purchase the land where Spirit Horse has been holding events for over 20 years, and to simply let the land return to the wild.

Please visit the Forest Of Dreams website for more information. To make an online donation click here.

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Spirit Horse offer: introductory and in-depth workshops exploring story, ritual and community ; community gatherings; wilderness camps; children and youth camps; spiritual retreats; enlightenment intensives and one year foundation courses - drawing on worldwide traditions, beliefs and cultures. Our summer events are set in a magnificent and secluded valley in Wales, UK. Beyond that we offer involvement in rebuilding sacred community and culture, Men's Lodge, Women's Lodge, experiential research into wisdom cultures worldwide, wild forest creation and preservation, a home for rites of passage, reappraisal and retreat.

Beyond that we offer ancient fierce encouragement, the tools of confidence to individually and authentically address the spiritual and ecological needs of our times. Drawing on the depth and vision of the past; gesturing towards possible bright futures.
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